Taylor Made Chocolate Website & Branding

Taylor Made Chocolate Branding & Website

Role: UI & Branding   |   Deliverables: Full Website

This is a concept project for a company producing artisan chocolate and working for a cause. Their goal is to produce the highest quality chocolate for customers and utilize the business to bring freedom to those affected by human trafficking and slavery. Their vision is, “Excelling at what matters. Our Farmers, the Environment, and You”.



  • Create a website that captures the vision, “Excelling at what matters. Our Farmers, the Environment, and You”
  • Create a seamless ordering process


Telling Them Why

The homepage plays a key role in telling the company's story. It is their differentiator, their mission and their passion. I wanted it to feel close, human, and about the farmers. 


Heavy Use of Imagery

Imagery played a key role in branding. I sought out textures inspired by high quality chocolate and farmland. Scrapbook-style images and watercolors were added for a down-to-earth feel. I wanted someone to feel as if they were going from farm to table moving through the site.



Users have the ability to create a custom gift box that comes in 9, 12, or 24 pieces. To the left of the selection grid is a diagram as a refresher description of each chocolate. This prevents having to save the form and go back to the previous page, keeping the user guided toward placing an order.


Equal Emphasis

I wanted equal emphasis on the chocolate product and the company's mission. Creating a photo gallery was a way to do this. Photos evoke emotion more than any other visual element or copy. This page is a place to hold memories, further tell the story, and encourage donations.

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