SingleHop ThinkIT

SingleHop ThinkIT Website

Role: UI & Competitor Analysis   |   Deliverables: Website

The influx content and traffic on the SingleHop blog called for a complete redesign. Our focus for the new site was gaining qualified leads through an approachable look and feel. We worked in an agile environment with 2 week sprints.



  • Redesign the ThinkIT logo 
  • Promote the SingleHop brand in a friendly and informative manner
  • Position SingleHop as helpful thought leaders
  • Ultimately drive users to and to contact SingleHop

Competitor Analysis

  • Many competitors (Rackspace, iLand, Datapipe, Peak10) blogs are lacking in large imagery and simplicity, they can be overwhelming
  • Many competitor blogs have a very serious tone and are not independent sites, but built within the main site

The Concensus

  • Have an initial emotive impression by using large imagery on the homepage
  • Build as it's own domain and brand extension independent of to appear more approachable and as a hub for thought leaders and advice-seekers
  • Simple and clean design 
  • Tell the SingleHop story via the homepage layout by having IT categories. This in turn also guides the user through the site instead of presenting a barrage of information
  • Build subtle in-post and homepage ads that blend in with the content to direct users to SingleHop products and services

Style Exploration

  • Main themes we wanted were: friendly, informative, innovative, expertise
  • The extended color palette was used for a fun, yet still authentically SingleHop feel
  • SingleHop's alternate typeface Antenna was used to also add playfulness 
  • Selected blog imagery is based around the main themes: mixing friendly flat illustration with more innovative enterprise shots of corporate workplaces, to actual web hosting expertise -- server hardware

Final Website