SingleHop DART Box

A tri-fold manual explaining the setup of off-site backups. Users of the manual range from technically advanced to beginner level. Goals were to be as informative as possible while staying contained to one page.

Role: Print Design, Technical Illustration

Key steps

Key steps

This deeply technical package is delivered to someone who may have never performed a backup before. 

I walked myself through the process of performing a backup to get an idea of what could go wrong. I started the manual with unpacking the box and make sure everything is there. The guide then walks through with accompanying technical illustrations, down to every detail.

The DART Box comes in 3 different sizes based on how many drives are needed. I designed the manual to be folded down into smaller sizes as to not have to design 3 different versions. For the large box, the front-back manual can be place inside on top. For the medium box it is folded once. For small it can be folded twice like a packet.

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