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SingleHop Website, Branding & Print Design

Role: UX Research, UI, Branding, Print   |   Deliverables: Full Website, Brand Guide, & Print Guide

SingleHop, a web hosting provider, is constantly evolving to keep up with the tech industry. The latest evolution involves a more B-to-B focus, a shift toward a new software offering, and a heightened focus on automation. This called for Market Research (from teammates), UX research, a brand refresh, and new visual design. We worked in an agile environment with 2 week sprints.


  • Understand our users wants and needs based on collected market research, and by conducting customer interviews
  • Simplify current site navigation and site as a whole to be more user-friendly with special attention to mobile site
  • Refresh brand to reflect new target audience and consistently apply brand across all deliverables

Stakeholder Interviews 

Interviews to define the brief. Some key takeaways:

  • Automation, Service First support, and SLA as market differentiators
  • Equal emphasis on tools/software and managed cloud hosting 
  • Selling to innovators and thought leaders

Customer Interviews

We held a customer panel to gain insights on what they are specifically looking for in a managed hosting provider. Some key takeaways:

  • Customer is looking for a partner, not just a service provider
  • Uptime and speed, especially support, is extremely important 
  • Negative online reviews play a large role in making a decision on a provider


Using Market Research and insights from Customer Interviews, we constructed two personas as representatives of our core user base: the Millenial Co-founder and the Innovative CIO.



We found navigation and excess pages to be a main cause of distress in the current site. Therefore we simplified as much as possible. We wanted to drop just enough information for someone to want to reach out and learn more.


Brand & Visual Style


High Fidelity Mockups


Print Style