popHealth Population Health Consulting

popHealth is a health consulting company focusing on population health. The visuals we wanted to achieve were differentiation, approachable, modern, and human-centered. For this I chose a flat logo with modern typography. The logo is intended to 'pop' and stand out from traditional healthcare brands. We chose orange and stayed away from blues and greens. The glyph icon is a combination of location and humanity.


NextSlide Presentation App

NextSlide is a Hackathon idea (second place!) for easily changing slides during a presentation via a personal cell phone. This makes for a more consistent, accurate, and familiar experience for the presenter. The final logo was my first idea, which sometimes turn out to be the best idea right off the bat. Simply turning the 'x' into two arrows conveyed the message of the app.


Aqua Condo Social Committee

The Aqua Condo in Chicago is home to myself and a group of ladies known as the Aqua Condo Social Committee. They meet every week to plan events to expand and tighten the community in our building. We wanted to include elements of the iconic Aqua architecture and in addition include the values 'unity' and 'community' to the name.