What Coco Chanel can Teach us About Branding

Leaning Tower of Clothing

I opened my closet the other day and wondered why I am so obsessed with clothes. Or rather, fashion. Why do I absolutely want something that I don't necessarily need? I'm building something, but what is it? 

I realized fashion has the same principles as branding. For me, my closet is a visual display of who I am, the first impression people have of me, the ultimate form of silent expression.

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." - Coco Chanel

The Last Thing Someone Will Notice About You is What You Say

This poses the question: "Is everyone judging us?" A person will take note of your clothing, appearance, then body language, how you speak, and finally, what you say. 

Let's apply this to a brand. Someone searches for you online and sees the description, this is their first impression. They then check out the site. The site seems clean . . .

At any point in time this process can be interrupted by something off-brand. From the metadata, to the visuals, to the call waiting music, to the office entryway, everything has to have the same message. No one is going to take what you say as who you are. Having a strong brand can back up your copy, but not the other way around.





Betsy Mary