SingleHop Brand & Website Redesign

The Tech Industry Moves Fast, but a Brand Shouldn't  Follow Suit

SingleHop started as a small but impressive B to C web hosting company of a few people. They have had continued rapid success and now 10 years later are moving up market as B to B, have dozens of more products, a new line of software tools, and continue to grow at a rapid pace.

At SingleHop the trend was redesigning the website and brand as quickly and often as the tech industry changed (well maybe not that quickly).  Updating styles is necessary but for this latest redesign I decided on a simple, minimal style that would stand the test of time, along with a thorough brand refresh.

A few main insights from the old site and brand that arose during research:

  • Colors should be more professional and muted
  • The darker site didn't evoke automation and advanced technology
  • Too many unnecessary and short pages 
  • Not enough focus on the customer through copy and visuals
  • Need one solid message of values: partnership, security, and support
  • Tone of voice should be overall friendlier and helpful


SingleHop website before (left) and after (right)

SingleHop website before (left) and after (right)

The new site has a light, clean feel, toned down colors, flashier CTAs, and confident shades of the signature green. We went from seven+ brand colors site-wide to three. More shades of light grey instead of black add to the professional and automated feel. The layout is simple and made to expand as new products are launched. Pages can now be built with any style element and fit together in endless combinations.

Nothing is Quite as Important as a Call to Action

Another major cornerstone of the project was enhancing the CTAs. Not only did we need more site-wide, we needed a contrasting color, orange being the color of choice (Previously green CTAs were blending in with the rest of the site). We also wanted to be more flexible and easier for the customer to contact us. A calendar tool (Calendly) was brought to the table as an additional form of communication. The user can schedule a time instead of expecting a randomly timed call-back. The new slide out chat is my favorite CTA. It was once very annoying, sliding out on each new page you visit. It is now streamlined to be friendly and welcoming, a happy green - as not to distract from the orange CTAs, and just all around approachable. 

As a team we kept it together via multiple excel sheets, several projects management tools, daily meetings, lots of coffee, and pushed the site out the door from scratch to finish within a two month period. WHEW. Looking forward to the next redesign! Hopefully several years from now.


Betsy Mary